Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't hide in the shadows if you should be receiving recognition for a job well done.

I've just got my salary increased.. my salary now is $$$$$$.... which is good news!!! and I also have my weight increased... to..140lbs now is bad news!! Man... I FEEL SOOO SUCKS LIKE A PAIR OF LOUSY SOCKS >,< !!!
You can improve your overall position in the community or at work now, but you must be willing to tell others what you are doing. This isn't about self-centered promotion; it's just about acknowledging the truth.

Don't hide in the shadows if you should be receiving recognition for a job well done. ..
These beauties.. inspires me sooo much!!!
I starve till anger... I wanted to get my old me back.... I am sooooooo HUNGRY!!!!!! ANGRY!!!

Can I project my instability, frustration or anger onto anyone else.???!!! >,<
am soooooooooo HUNGRY that I think ate half of my genius brain >,<

Being a shemale is tough.. being a cute-shemale 5 times tougher!!!
But having to lose 15 lbs fats in 4 weeks ain't fucking easy tooo..."

But no one is out to make my life any fucking tougher..... is true !!!!"
I wonder if I could now just join in the " Pro-Ana community "
and say GOOD BYE to my " Pro-Alcoholic community "... Arrghhhhhhhh!!!!

having starving myself like stupid wasn't a funny thing to do too.. running-jogging -jumping like a fucking mad wasn't a good idea too, by having purging those good fatty food is a day though.. >,<
Now forgive me if I don't know what to blog on these TOUGH days !! !! Now I don't know what to eat on these fukin tough days..*sigh*


Mr. Charming said...

I am so glad you are blogging again!

@bee said...

It was nice to know that you still browsing around here, Mr.Charming is the best ;-)Yum..yummm... blogging is good though, while I could improve my english more.