Tuesday, October 26, 2004


" what the F88K day!.Im on Freaky mode now!,Freaky Friday used right? but Freaky monday?
#well... you can call all the weekday FREAKY...!!!
~ always turn me to rough manner huh! after weekend! I reached to office and supprised!! who the jerk put many stuff and task on my desk..GGrrrrrrr...!!! and the co workers always act like babies...who are always asking for take care and nipple for milk!! mother milk of course! plzz...I just have my couple nipple..how come feed all of you are?heem...could you plz..queue up and waiting..!! OMG!
" and I also running for poor gal mode now! just spent all my salary for shopping! and really until drop..!!!!..I got many cute,good,sweet stuff ..hehhehe..i felt memmm that im just back from battle field and reward with me.."hey gals we are the winner ! i shout out with frenzz,,!! YES! frenzz..yell back to me!! huaeehh..huuaeehh..! by the way..we are gonna reliaze! what the hell happened then...so...?
"and I found out no more money remains in wallet!..i do check around my pant pocket.all the shirt pocket,in jacket and all the bags...even some coins,,...hiks..hiks.....no more..money!! how come?sh...sh..it!! there's still 1 week from salary date!!!OMG
~ oooh.....what's the hell i did huh?
why??why do I luv shopping?shooping like the way I do?!!!
^_^......mommmy..mommy could you plz..send some money for me?
"dearest mommy...i do really...really happy n enjoy going shopping by the way I do also really regret right now!!.plz..help me! I dont know what to do! plz..forgive me I can't stop loving you!
~ could you help me? give me some help! c'mon mommy!
~ you will not lead your daughter to beg around the road right?
~ you will not..right? Im promise will not doing again for coming salary !!
~eeeh....just coming salary lar!..for the another next..I can't tell now!!
$$...aahh..I have idea STEVE!! my lovely boy!,,mommy in trouble now! may i get some HK$for your pink pig..saving pig? hehehheeee....LOL..thx..alots *.)P
P.S the blue colour for Bryan & Adams
P.S me,ivy always praying and remeber my long hair handsome guy!! He's the best n great that I know ga!
GODBLESS YOU! even you were the XXXX..puihh,,,,

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