Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Dear latest news are
the 1st I wish save my breathe and salary for a handsome cool English Bull Terrier if Im not may be get a piranha...more cheaper but cool and handsome anyways..yee haa!, don't angry me then..I'll let my pets talk to you babe...kekkekekek..well the other news is Im hot..and bad, I mean my attitude..really suck lately..been fight my boss,been fight the old fat horny guys,been upset my dates,been give shit to others, been shout to impolite maid,been pinch somebody nipple..opps..MY ANGER MANAGEMENT REALLY SUCK..;lately! must change ASAP
angry,angry,angry and angry..suckee,,even red wine in morning can't help any more..
* angry * angry * angry * every day, every minute, ivy just fat pei hei* I need to manage my emotion just figure out how to do personality was terrible..may be horrible..out of control almost"YAT YAT LAU PAU PAU " LAU DO PAU CHA" get angry all the time felt my lung almost explode na...but..but..been laugh alot when talk to an crab..this creature..never..and no chance to walking as well as other creature..all crab don't u/stand how to walking forward and that Crab used to told me "no worries pissed of eh?

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