Friday, February 25, 2005

hung over or game over?

dear dude,just back to work today!me and the gals had hard time during hung over after hang out together in wednesday evening,,we're drink a lots and crazy dancing that..the bartender was so nice to us,,treat us few glass shooter what the world..we're went to "the carnieges" and running cross the road to "Clong"..we're always used to, when out for our drink and fun!3 am there and everybody climb on an taxi and drove us back to home! michelle stay with me that nite and the other gals stay with shen yi,shen yi home was very close to mine!i was late to work and can't stan up until after hours so..boss let me go home on 1pm.took some aspirin and climb on bed and slept.....until this morning, though Im not hung over but become game over...........!however I felt better today and the gals was jealous that my boss let me stay at home yesterday!,well he has no choice..since i just in out the toilet and he was though I was kidding,every one in office was though i

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