Thursday, February 03, 2005


dear dude,since yesterday that shark treat me very nice way,he was so cute,polite and pleasent...brough some honey bread for my breakfast and spoke in fucking nice gentleman..damn it! and Im working like a dog recently and it seems will keeping dog until
my co worker reach in hkg again on the middle febuary..fuck!that mean i have no rest day within 2 weeks working days..fuck!she took personal leave back to indonesia for..Chinese new year and i don\t u/stood why she did..bcoz. she's not "CHINESE" n her New Year should be follow by moeslem new year..fuck again.! and I as Chinese I have no chance to enjoy the fucking bore holiday..I was on mission every working days.I need turn on 2 computer to done my job and co worker task..fuck! otherwise I can't get off from that damn place on time and the bussines hour shuold be from 9:30am until 6:30 pm well,,I felt so happy once can off on 8:00pm..Im hard worker and I also hard player,,been sing a loud in newway karaoke and had dinner buffet there,,fill up my orange squah with vodka that i got from 7-11 and no one of their staff reliase what i had in my tote bag ahahhahaa...and the gals sound so worries..and phantasy what should we said once they catch up the vodka I said: show our midlle finger and bark out.."U BETTER SHUT UP and FUCKING OFF from us" hehhehheee
the gals said.."ivy you really cute bitch" aah..I dont think they mean what they want to mean about me..fuck!

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