Friday, February 18, 2005

The wild creatures in the lantau island!

,I went to mui wo..lantau island.. the big budha ..clear rite? on yesterday,my off day,Im on holiday! what the hell..every normal worker was working on weekday.Im about holiday..huh!no comment,this's company rules,holiday on weekday and hollly end on weekend so? no comment..!it's okay,I had fun anyways,swimming to lantau island,Im kidding!Im get on Ferry!! jump up to motorbike and ride over the island ,the beach,the temple and the big budha !I mean somebody gimme ride!I can't ride,even bicycle,no chance! I had lots of merlot n shirav,had good food,good music,good movie,good time with the rite one! a human!hehheee..yup!he's a human,a good chatter!the rite male human!good guy!the story was end! sequel! don't ask!err..I remember..there lot of wild buffalos n cows n the shit!hihiiiii...every moment for those creatures are eat n shit n talk! shit..uh yikes!..

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