Friday, March 18, 2005

Mahal Ako Mo?

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.....this image recall my mind about a behaviour of the guys! no doubt,there's a signal of that they're was interested to me hihihiiiii..big head eh? or there's another signal of they're about neurotic..uupps..i mean neuritis of the eyes! the muscle was english poor than before la..kick see ngo la..I think next post better use bahasa Indonesia instead messy english..pls forgive me...drop to many hair on the floor...wanna ask you..!"mahal ako mo? it's really hardest for me to u/stood what you thinking about her! my mahal!...anyway thanks for the was nice..even my feet was swollen again and my toes got pox pox..cause walk too fast with my high heel on ..what the hell Im doing eh? yeah..just see what i done to my poor feet and the ain't lovely la..put myself in the hell with my high heels..put my lovely toes with the pox pox hell..auuuchh..auuucchh..fucking painfull na..auucchh..can't walk properly's ain't hurt if compare to that day..really! today just a piece of cake if compare to the day that i went away......or ran away..whatever..the pox pox just a piece of pox..with the liquid inside the pox,,,eewwhhhh!now my toes lots pox pox so still have idea to suck my toes? eehmmm....

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