Thursday, April 14, 2005


There's almost 2 am..Im with my deep blue pijama on laying in the bed, it was covered by an deep blue bed sheet, I felt a bit cold, pull the quilt and covered myself as was an deep blue quilt I get from Ikea, uhhmm..trying to get relax and perhaps falling to sleep sooner as my eyes stare to the's also an deep blue one..there also an deep blue carpet..there lots of blue stuffs such like blue coffee cups, blue plates, blue jacket, blue panties, blue bras and many more, those stuffs I get since I met you and I do really like this colour as well as you..since you told me your favorite colour is blue..I still keep those colour company my days..I do really love you and the blue stuffs you know, I really,really do..however it's really over long time ago and I really know it's really difficult for us to holding each other hands...but there's no more angry here, no more hateful of my sorry and also my forgive for you..and probably you too..said chrees for our friendship "blue"..will you?

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