Sunday, April 24, 2005

Michelle chee"sang yeah..."

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la la la...Michelle che che sang yat R..ho hoi sum R..yau sang yat cake eat ah..she was a queen today..she was allowed to doing whatever she wanted, such like wearing yellow tank top..uuhmm sexy rite? cut the cake..uuhmm so yummy ah..or cut herself..hihihiiii..there are bday girl prerogative..hihiiii..

Image hosted by happy R..yau sang yat cake eat..but we didn't eat all the cake wor..coz we ate too much in the afternoon la...huh- we had sausege,pop corn and coke in Ikea la..then we had "es cendol" la..then fried noddle la..then "kerupuk ama sambel la.." wa lalalaa....

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