Friday, April 01, 2005

why do fools fall in love VS treat him like a king

miaoww..just got the latest cosmopolitan,found out some cool entries and add my stupid opinions..hihiiiii but Im ain't stupid,I just not enough money and energy and my mum ain't forced me into school!ain't my fault
today question:"why do fools fall in love?..well Im not a fool so I have no idea naa..err..I used to though fall in love is trouble thing..don't want get trouble stay away from those stupid feeling laa....your lover is trouble maker..they gonna destroy anything, your car,your life,your body,your soul and finally they break your heart eventually..sound creepy rite?
today tips: " treat him like a king!"..oke! I'll treat him like a king as well as he treat me like a queen..!! suck my toes,lick my nose..let's deal Ba!HAHA,,haaaaaaaaa

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