Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bitch Attitude yeah...about attitude!!I know and clear about myself and put it on a right, true side..Im a real!!sometimes I've been so impolite, wear out all the rudeness and treat somebody bad..Im not trying to be cool or to be something else..i am what i not a nice person at all..since my childhood I've been so extreme..even my mum and dad they told me that Im a naughty bad girl..Im a little bitch!!so what? they still love me..I took those affection and no pressure pls!!I hate pressure so pls don't call me for a promise.I hate to pretending so don't damn me as your sweetie..then I would like to fuck those false personalties..don't get the point yet? I don't need you doubt about me..dont want listen those shit you said to me and don't even care those stupid opinions about me..I won't to hear you judge coz you look like a fool to me so...would you like to try to understand that Im really a bitch so I can't be your sweet try to save me but you just gets me much...frustrated now I felt so sorry so pls let me be and pls off and save your breathe for another lady......bye-bye..

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