Monday, June 06, 2005

Rapacious Bee

I just a bee and Im a definitely absolutely a rapacious bee, if I was dinosaur I should be a definitely absolutely a rapacious dinosaur bee..hehheee..huh..what you think if you are a geminian and read this entiries: If you were a dinosaur roaming around the earth in the 'Flirt Era,' you'd be totally rapacious! You'd be king or queen of the Flirt Beasts -- and your sweetie loves you flirting with them! yes..absolutely agreed and I wans't tell joke..coz many times I found out that my behaviour just like a dinosaur..predator..a wild predator....well talk about Beast,what you're guys think about "the toilet monster? could appear in the morning when you just wanted to pee or have eat your body part..the precious I just want to remind you to make sure your toilet safe enough before you pull off your boxer otherwise you will be regret.............

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