Friday, June 03, 2005

sun-dried bee

Sooo..Im off yesterday , supposed dating Steven for shopping and lunch!! Unfortunately Susan catch me up, she’s on her urge play with uncle sun on the beach so.. girls just fly run to Clear Water Bay Beach, took off our clothes, Susan with her bikini on and Im just nothing on..ppstt..!! we're having very hot ..sunbathed!! it’s took 2 hours then dropped ourselves to the sea….the water was soo..salty and soo dirty and make me felt soo..nasty..hihiiiii..coz Im no bra on, no bikini..just a skinny dippp..yy..!! no shampoo, no soap, no towel and panty ..just dried ourselves with the dank clothes and tissues..then went to yuen long had my dinner with Steven and shop around tried to get some panty for myself and some cool stuffs for my date !!finally ..I can’t get what I wanted…….."aha....then went to The house of wax !! thanks to the creatures who are give me great company ..though we're guys have a very good time..isn't? the sun-dried suntan bee..but juicy bee..?

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