Thursday, June 09, 2005

why you wanted to see it..?

whoooa..what was happened last nite? ?? I've been in the heaven..then end up in the hell...
Went to best friend bday dinner Last nite order 2 glassful of Stella and it gone in the minute..although 2 glasses not enough to relief me from thirsty, so we just join other gals in the club, there’s a ladies nite, a crowded nite, Im too. excite too notice the bouncer of carniegie’s tried to stopped me ask an identity card, cool eh? Well..Im a polite lady so I just show my HKID card and question him back “ why you wanted to see my HKID?? Uhhm?! He took me surprise as he answer “ becoz you seemed too young to have alcohol!! Phhew!!oh man.. you really cute and lovely..I felt excitedly as he took me as seventeen..hahahaaa..honesty this’s not the 1st time in fact I was on my 28 and Im enjoy it but it’s a bit funny when these guys took me as seventeen at times..huh!! I felt he keep eyes on me afterwards, I bet im took him big question mark as the age show in HKID is 34 years old..he’s was another cool story…I didn’t drink like a crazy drinker so I got home before 12am..and tried to shower myself after 3 glassful vodka orange and 2 glassful champagne..every things going fine until Im drop the contact lense off from my lovely eyes then..I’d dropped myself off into bath room was really great, the toilet cover was broke in two after my right left kick it off..then bump my elbow into the washing basin..then..then..I don't want to recall..since Im woke up with a deep blue marks shown on my swelling right knee err..also the swelling elbow uuhmm..and puffy black eye..oh my ghost!! so tonite plan must be get home as early as i can then manage how to fix the toilet cover and though my body need a fixer too...oh my oh..oh oh..

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