Thursday, August 11, 2005

I wanted

If I could live more longer ..I want to get myself a boyfriend the real one, I want to get myself a tatto its must be my own signature, I want to get that lovely piercing on my nose, I want to get my skinny ass climbing a mountain at least once on mylife time, I want to get my guts to says " I LOVE YOU loudly to all the creatures that I felt in love with..
then the last..I want to gets you give me a good opener..I wish many many wish, and I hopes, really really hopes..please, please,pretty please....don't throw me a wooden opener like this's pretty weird to having a wood company..isn't?
Image hosted by
this stuff I got from Bali..anyhow it's pretty nice to open a can of sardines!!


A guy who likes your smile said...

Yes you are right, the wooden side can be used to open a can of sardines, the metal side is for bottles :P

icbee said...

Eeek...uhm,,well,,I just about on business idea and this cool stuff just an sample, any ones interesting to have one or more..could drop me a lines,trust me its great for open many things!

A guy who likes your smile said...

ok, I will ask you more about it the next time I see you online :P

@bee said...

Know what??!! I had my nose already pierced.. Nicely =)

@bee said...

Shit man.. this is scared me, now I got the picture, how depressed I was. almost killed myself once!!