Thursday, August 04, 2005

the messy

OK, again I had complain being lazy to answer the phone!! You Guys, it wasn't my fault ba! I had to remind you are " don't buzz me before you went to your lunch why don't you just let me be, I need to sleep more, Okay? incase I wasn't a lazy sleeper, I was a insomnia since long long time a go so this is my chance to having fun by good sleep, don't you think so?
as today I had slept enoough so I could get up more early, althought it was 12pm when I blink my eyes ;)p!! then I fucked around to doing my chores, doing laundry even thought there still many more..I used to left anything for later or tomorrow, it same for those dirty clothes too..let it done on tomorrow ba!! nearly 4pm, Susan buzz me to hook up together to the HK Zoology and Botanical Garden in my evening date is the invisible Leopard, stinky birds dung and wacthed the lovely Gwailoo Babies playing around the park.. I'd bicthed to susan that I was into the "Oil Painting" recently and on researching around to get more information for my future paiting art..she just nodded and comment " ehmm..well what about the decoration that you told me last week, still going on? ! Me: "" errr............I know I may sound on messed..and you catch on my chaos..but I just call the "decoration off as the Mandarin language..err...I thought Im serious on Painting ba!!..

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