Tuesday, August 23, 2005

silly me!

Hey man,Im still alive,, Im hardly to believe what I had done on my own last thrusday!!! Im felt fucking terrible for my silliness and wanna says very very big sorry being a biggest asshole last week, it must be fucking horrible for you are at that times!!! all I could doing is apologized for my negative bahavior,sassy is cute if just little bit and on right moment,troubler sound tough too if on right time too ,really sorry scared you're ass off, really really sorry for that fucked bothered!! thank's sooo...much for these rescuers, you're guys ain't pissed off even thought that "bee" really really..Im so lucky, too lucky to having you are there,you were gave your best to help me alive,pushing my lung to breathe as well as now,thank you so much , thanks for being there,..thanks god to give me one more chance to live once again!Im still alive and hang on the computer typing many many bullshitting again!! my life are shitty for about fucked on stressed, frustrated,depressed and now I wanted to get over those shit!!
uhhm......i hopes next moment is love, loving, lover, loved!!!!...i wanna crazy in love life don't want shitty life..
to:my loved sis, my loved girlfriends,,my lovely dog, thank's being there!! luv ya, many many more!!!( don't want to be such sappy bee, but I'd hurt dad,mom,sis,sis-sis,and bro sorry to shocked you're guys!!)
uhhm...to my master: thank's your advices,now I put myself on the treatment, felt pretty well anyways and really miss to see you again, perhaps you ain't scare to hire me ba!!!...I couldn't imagine, if I lost my memories about you are!!

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