Tuesday, August 09, 2005

too much self reliance

last night I had myself running like a dog in the big rain, it's like rainstorm really, I couldn't bearing what Im look like..there's no barve to take a look in the any mirror ..during that time the contact lense on left eye also dropp off...and I have no idea...to make a things better..I was mummble to myself..." huh..fucked the laziness, what the self relliance? I should know there is no way to refuse an umbrella offering from Susan..when I get to home I was look like " ewwh...the dirty rat!!!.
I did texted to Susan and tell her " Im getting wet babe!! soo...wet...!! she holla back was like: " yeaaah..I know exactly what you look like now..!!
this is the punishment to disobey her advice..!!! coool...

1 comment:

A guy who likes your smile :P said...

Getting wet is not bad unless is because of rain :)