Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Alone =/ Lonesome

damn oldest ..............blogggio
I just wanting to be alone!!
so I went to deep water bay alone!!
so I had sun bathed alone!!
so I had my ass swimming over and over to the "FAU DOI" I had no idea on english..( the one on the centre floating on ocean ah) ( on daamn circle shape gee leeyy.........)!!!!
I had pick up many manny stone for susan, she gonna hit her BF head by its!! ( ooppss... poor james!)!!!
being alone it's kind of cool.............yeah, HK weather become mmore bitchy again.. AUtum booohhh!!!!!!!!
went to beach alone just like make a fart ans wasn't stink any boohh!!and I felt sexy as hell, got conversation with starngers (I'd damn to my mum word about don't talk to alien..) it's fuck me on a big fun!!!
so I had to get there again tomorrow noon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and ALONE!!!!!

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