Thursday, September 08, 2005

and I Love you Jonny......

I like you, Like you, I like your voice as crazy!!! then I started to love you, love you, I love youYeaaah,, Couldn't speak, couldn't breathe, couldn't behave myself...each time I saw you!!
damn you! I hates the way you singing, I hates the way you look at me ( that poster stick on my bed sheet)
"oh my ghost, oh my ghost. oh my ghost you just a real hot stuff!! yes you are! you hot as hell........
"Oh Jonny Lang, can I be your bride by any chance? at very least could we be friend? I mean a close friend?!

" what the heck ivy bee?!
" who's that Jonny Lang?
"shame on you if you don't know this handsome babe!!
get your own initiative to sense who he is and what he look like and the other hell stuffs about!!! he's a devil surely!!
I got my CD just now, I was damn happier person at this moment!! who's gave me that Jonny Lang?! dear dearie Dog!!
Jon da dog just got his fat ass back in HK yesterday and he just seem all right, still breathe well and those tatto and piercing still hang on right there..on the right place surely!! that ass flight over there and there and there...just for fun, I thought!!! ( for money for life he says!)
that Jonny lang CD, supposed last week i got its, but so sucks da dog wasn't that obey to my order!! he refuse to get to causeway bay by that time!! that day he asked cup of coffee for retribution of CD but I reject him right on his ear by the i didn't took any chance to realized his ear hole look like ( guessed bunch of wax on there.......YIKES!!!)
so tonight I'll have my Jonny lang rock on my CD player and I'll have myself roll on my own bed!!! miaaaooww.
wooff,,, wooff......thank's Jon da dog!!! give me hands, gime me hands!!

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