Thursday, September 08, 2005

and just show that GUTS off bah!

Hi Ya, does anyone else got cool tuffs to bitch out?!! aaahh.. I just boring as hell and wanted to horsing around!!!! damn me actualy Im not seeing any things to killing times, coz i had hundred thousand things to do, no kidding, Im telling the truth! but I just got a shit clogged on my head and I couldn't even understand what the fuck going on this cyber world!! why so many great predators love to went to internet to pursue a sex stuff. i just wondering, does those preys just that obey to meet up for that kind of stuff does they always in innocently way?! it's really killing me when I got thet guys ask me for meet up, dinner, drink and fun!! on my vocabularies FUN=SEX. actualy I wasn't a frigid and I pretty damn fancy about sex matter!! but I do really hates the guys or the girls who pretending like a "mother faker" pretend to having fun by dinner or drink, why don't you just tell on the face that you just want SEX" that's all!! there's no one have right to give a damn if you guys wanting sex!!! take my word for grantend for goddamn sex you don't have to pretend be a friend or dinner or drink or even know what I meant!! the signal I got just like a perverties coming up for sex and I hates it all,,damn perverts!!! why must pretend like a pervert?! why don't to the point!! how about:"I wanna make a great fuck with you, is that okay?! does it sound better eh?! here my bitch advice: just take off those fake and..and..and show your guts off Ba!! SO? it wasn't hard isn't?! just be REAL! and to the POINT! fuck off those cowards habbit or you make me laugh off by butt or even worst it could be my die very least I gonna ppuke on your face boohhh....yiipiieee!!

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