Monday, September 19, 2005

fucked me, I got missed again!

what the fucking hell going on again...I was the like lost person!!!
it's really fucking difficult to dealing with the guy who are not in the same things with!!! Oh fuck!!!
huh...that girl who singing" big big world" and said" it was not an big deal if that guy left's so fucking bullshitting booh!!!!, if you had no that goddamn feeling about that asshole who went was really any deal!!! however if you had something called affection for that goddamn asshole, you could felt like just had a goddamn shitty nighmare........!!!
fucked me, I was on that shitty feeling..oppss..thinking better!!!
coz the guys are hates talking about feeling!!!!
yowsaaa... by this moment we are the girls should not mention anything anout "FEELING" coz it could drive that guy crazy and vanish on the air.........
oh my fuckness!!!!

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