Saturday, October 01, 2005

does any morons out there?

gee gee geee...I just got idea to changed my blog title!! you guys could not be so damn sensitive ba!
that somebody girl gave me that goddamn grand idea on that "THE DESTROYED MORONS" was just cross over and..and..and I thought it was a praise for being a very least better than goddamn phonies ba!! or being a pussy or dick whatever lar~~
AAhhh... I remember that "Holden" the cather in the rye always shouted to his mate"" You're damn moron....then that Holden was beated soo....bad!! so don't call something names as got that kicking nose or stabbing eyes ball!!! and both of thems will bleeding so bad......oh my ghost!!i will give that marvelous kisses and hugs on that lovely moron even a moron still a moron but there's always cute and lovely morons so why should care about moron or not moron as long as that moron behave as a good dick/good pussy........does it sound more friendly is it not?!be nice and stay cool dont putting/looking down babe!

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