Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ehm..pussy mouth dont cha!

Yoo.. Finally i got my blog back...
I got bunch of shit wanna Bitch out!
the 1st:
last night I got my kitten horsing around with a guy that I miss so much!! unforntunately that silly things has happened straigh on my nose.. she was over flown dripping something out..Oppps.. either ofus are so got that pissed off, but it was cool anyways!!!
The 2nd:
somebody has made my day by comment over my pretty face and envy on my tanned skin
the 3rd:
there's a girl i used to hang out with and we were claimed each other as friend, even neither of us has called it was a best friend but almost 2 years we are about " GOOD" as I used to treated her as very goddamn well and nice!! once upon a day her BF got in HK and they need room to having sex as they also told the hotel or motel cost them kinda expensive,what the heck im offer my room and bed for them..huh!! I felt pretty happy to do it, I dont mind what they want to do or have to do ..none of my bussiness ba!!
and I thought I can keep her issues so I expect the same.
I bitched out about the guy been kicking ass when he went to my flat and trying to get on sex, and kick that asshole straigh on his nose!! uhmm ..this guy was married thing and his wife was my colleague so what the fuck i could give??.. however this guy felt about shame on himself and apologized, well it doent matter at all..coz i took him as big bro..huh!! this good friend went to his wife and telling off all the stories I had told was 2 months ago since the hubby and wifet alked over about me ( and i didn't even reliazed) then how will i knowabout all the stories?? it was last week when I bump with the guy and we chattedaround and he run his mouth to tell what was happened between his wife and him after the issue, i was like" soo..what? neither of us had that goddamn fuck you and I know who is the bitchy girl, does she gonna ruinoff your marriage? what the feedbeck of your wife?!
that guy says: she believe either of us, it's really great you had kick my ass offfrom your bed!! Im so sorry again got you as a wrong thing!!!!
me: know me, dont you?! he was like:'re bitch in a good way!!
The 4th:
I hates that pussy mouth..and she hasnt got the hink yet...supposed she got it, coz i never take her call and never ever return that goddamn call not even chattng my messenger
the 5th:
when i decide to HATE it's going to FOREVER..I cant take any apologized over that pussy mouth..the reason wasnt on my side, i just thougt what about if that wife suicide?? or they get divorced just because her husband has been kicking off from my beed?? ( after the beer,( I used to beer and chatted with my buddies at my flat but the got the hink i will kick their ass if they looking for my pussy cat!! and I hates the pussy mouth,,..Image hosted by

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