Monday, October 03, 2005


somebody has told me about SICKNESS!! hence he couldn't even pick up the phone calls, neither got to reply those lousy text mesages...
Ha! Ha! ha.. he must sick like hell ba! I guessed he was in somewhere in the hospital so there's noway for us ( the friends ) gettting connection with him..he definetely out of reach...Gosh, i hopes he was okay on his own anyways!!

as my experience there's two kind SICK I used to knew!!

1. I missed the friends phone calls, text mesage and all
Gosh, I was sick and been sent to the hopital last august and the nurses are so nice,they are ties me up in the bed and there's no phone calling allowed. so I completely out of connection for a week, and there is bunch of bitches and bastards are missed me like crazy... this is logically explanation and I had my aliby and prove as well.. I do really sick and those doctor could tells the truth! lousy body really sick like hell...

2. I missed the friends phone calls, text message and all..
I was sick on thems so I don't fucking care about their calls,SMS..etc etc!!! what the heck I was doing?? nothing special..I just so sick on thems..eek!! some of them!!
I knew my attitude was terrible and so annoyed but I can't help!! ask my mother why lar~

P.S= so which kind of SICK you are??

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