Monday, November 07, 2005

My Life In Jakarta# New Friends

Yowsaa..!! as I mention about gets friendly with the strangers in jakarta, especiall if they had a good looking, good hearted and have a great nice car to drive me around this jakarta city..Naaahh.. it was a nice guy I met when me and sisters went out to the “ sea word” for the shark and piranha and the others sea creatures. So suck me and sisters get lost again somewhere on the jakarta street, damn that cab driver that kick our lovel ass off from that lousyt cab when caugh up on the goddamn ttrafic jam..damn damn, what the gentleman…shits!!
It’s great that nice guy, get itchy and firlt on me and sisters, he was nice as hell and really helpful when offering to give us a drive, he drove us to that sea word and after hoiurs he came back to pick us up to the famous mall “taman angrek” for shopping, cool he didn’t though to join me and sister to shopping..beside nice and good hearted, he was a clever guy! He gone to something and just let me and sisters get on wondering…and imagination,,it’s should be damn nice if he willing to buy us dinner or coffee or tea…or whatever…..
Me and sisters shopping like a mad women, why mad? Coz neither of us have enough money leave for dinner after the sea word, so we had no idea why we should got there…..
Ohh Im so suck stuck here!!! Ewwhh


Mr. Charming said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. The online community misses ya. :-*

@bee said...

Hiya Charming!! missed you too, hopes to post more!!