Monday, November 07, 2005

My Life In Jakarta # Stray

My days was about: "Ewwhh!!! there's not really fun I had on, expect Im happy killing times with my parents,sisters and bro, there's nothing special, really!! expect my mom cooking method was great than before..ehm ehm, and I had gained weight again and my mom seemed quite happy to know that. Goshy, there's about 2 kg for a week, crazy boo.. hence I got my ass to swimming and jogging cool!, Great I got my skin tanned as well and lost my way when I went out for that god damn jogging alone. damn it! I almost cry out when my younger sister came to pick me up to home.I should know that I'll get this stray, coz I get used this problem since ever and my mom know about my stray problem so she asked me to bring a mobile phone along me even though I had ignored her suggestion, damn me!! since that day I never went out ALONE!! I swear Never again!
beside that silly story, I also makes friend with the strangers I met on the streets...especially if the person have a good looking and seemed must be have a good hearted too..such like willing to give me a drive........ goshy there's still bunches of kinda human, they are had a nice car, a great motorbike..a lousy bicycle, etc etc and they do really willing help me when I lost and standing on the street with my pity face..Jakarta peoples still nice..but also danger! uhhm..

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