Saturday, December 03, 2005

3rd December 2005

Yayy.. I've missed "something to burn" in HK!! as I heard that's a damn grand concert they are about..huhhh..!! Im so jealous! you damnit!!

I thought I used to hates HK, the stressfull working style always almost taste like a shit, but on the other shit there's always on the shows, it's always a great heck with crazy, funky life style,so shit,, there's always sound like " work hard and play more hard" yucckk!!.. you damn that shit and on the next second you'll love that shit..too! this's all what I am about on,, can't deny that I do really miss all the HK craps..yayy..'s just like I missed those "sharks".. my ex bosses!!

and I bet they are also missed to spank and kick my lazy butt too..uhmm!! so boss I bet you guys can't wait to go with my butt when I back in HK!! Im not a butt kisser but Im a crazy worker..any chance to hire me uhhm..!! I know, it's such a totaly creep and it's also can be a scarry moment when working with me!! but I can work more harder,deeper and faster...........!! harder, uhmm faster..uhmm deeper!! and you know I can be more longer,, you damn it!

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