Tuesday, January 03, 2006

see, I doing pretty bad on 2005!!!

1. The last time I got naked with a stranger I was in the public shower room.
2. I called it's a ORGASMS after a stressful work day.
3. Once, I stretched the truth about my last job to get what I wanted.
4. when I call in sick, Im usually in bed with a hangover.
5. hustling men at a bar for free drinks is called happy hour.
6. when I plan for the future, I think about mutual fun.
7. the last time I got spanked, I was asked for it.
8. when I see myself going down, Im winking at myself in a mirror.
9. I exist to get what I want.
10. my sex life is best decribed by the song " Me in the honey" by R.E.M.
11. I believe the truth is oen to interpreation, kind of like time.
12. my favorite form multi tasking is faking not having an orgasm in spinning class.
13. I met my last date while online dating at the office.
14. I have no STDs and that's how I like it.

above list just few of my work!! does its bad enough?? Nooo..NOT YET.. ................, still tons of bad idea have to done on coming year!!!
wish myself all the best bad and with all the luck on my charm!!! Im surely work the bad up!!! and the next plan is to get that lovely slipper!! ( and the owner) I hopes soo...............!!!


Mister Hand said...

There's nothing on this list that a little ME couldn't fix. I have no STD's, either.

Tickles_Tapeworm said...

Jeez, your sex life must be real bad right now if ANY R.E.M. song can describe it :P

@bee said...

Oh hand, you such a bitch, how come you have no STDs eh??hehehee!!

well, tapeworm, just wish me a luck then!! you know these days condoms wasn't a real stuff, beside that I hates thems very much!! I bet you too!!

stay cool everyone!!!

Mr. Charming said...

I love the picture! See, and here I was thinking you didn't love me anymore. I was getting sad. Miss you Bee.

@bee said...

Charming, you there??Aiiyoo...!! I miss you too!! when will you marry me, anyway?!!