Saturday, April 01, 2006

hell love you, Lord hate you!!

You are soo pretty, Beautiful but lonely... you don't know how to do with all the beauty you are blessing about, you wish, you try to understand, you know you have to live this life , you see the way, you hear the voice , you listen to the beat, you find your heart, it's soo sweet, you believe it's a true, that sweet will stay cares you, sweet gone, you stand up and run, hope will find your sweet memories back, soo sad you lost, you hanging on the dead memories, wandering , living on the past.. you wonder how and why, you don't want to wake up, you still want to sleep and cry... it's soo hurt, you bleed your heart nearly die, finally you are realize sweet never ever exist, you tell yourself to stopping cry, you trying to smooth yourself to smile, aahh.. you are silly, you are silly, you are silly.. you are silly.. you such a silly girl!! you drunk and mumbling.. all the silly things..!!

bitter sweet will always be here in my memories.

thank's to Jim for sending me the link,look at this beautiful view!! Thank's Boys for Listening....

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