Monday, April 24, 2006

Is That Your Mamma Told You To Marry Me?? Fek That Yooo Go And Tell Your Mamma Now I am a Gay Yoo!!

They don't know me, they thought they wan't to be with me or I want to be with them, so they call me "baby"!!! as I thought" Oh have you ever read my profile? I am snooty and I am sick of a stranger call me " baby" and I never want be with a.. goddamn moron" and since you keep spamming me like this so I go posting like this:

From: Acheampong Date: Apr 24, 2006 1:40 PM how are you? i hope not bad. well, i have read your profile and am really impress about it. I am a single man looking for a girl like you for a serious relationship and i hope u are too if am not wrong. Am interested in you so please let me hear from you if you are too? Love Isaac

and I said: "Nah.. thank's you are so sweet but I am not looking for any relationship =)

*Why does the hell people still always do misspelling like this!! be=bee this? not even bothering to do a double checking.. what a shame is I've always repeatdly click on spelling engine/dictionary still I did this damn misspelling shit Arrghh >.<
also hate people typing annoying shit like this " sinfuL,deArI,
and I hate a stranger call me "baby" or brag their shit like a bitch!! I can't fucking stand them. *

From: FEStus Date: Apr 22, 2006 10:15 PM
just missing u ok.

Date: Apr 22, 2006 6:31 AM
nothing wrong thought.

From: FESTus Date: Apr 23, 2006 2:42 PM
what do u mean by wrong thought.

Date: Apr 23, 2006 1:10 AM
The mean "nothing wrong thought" =I thought it is okay that you missing me!! understand now? and why do you ask anyway, is it something wrong with that " nothing wrong thought"?

From: FESTus Date: Apr 24, 2006 12:12 PM
why i asked is that i want u to be my girlfriend ok becos i want u in my life ok. That is why i say i miss u. passion and pains re al thesame but when it comes to u it's lv and not a mere game, u mean so much to me.

Man.. I don't want to be rude but could you please type your word properly? it is really annoy the hell out of me eveytime people type like this. many thank's

Date: Apr 25, 2006 11:34 AM
honey what i am saying is that i want u to be my girlfriend,do not be angry becouse it gives me concern over here ok.

* I decide to ignore now........ there's no way to understand why keeping call me "baby" honey bah.. girlfriend bah bah bah... just like savage garden sing out " I know I love you before I met you" Ugh... Oops.. we never either wrote each more than 50 letters every holla. mean nothing funny than "" How are you doing? " I am doing fine" what the weather?" are you okay?" BAH! *


x0r said...

baby, i luv u. i r walkin' to ur house rightn ow cos i luv u soooo muchx0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox. i miss u baby. i no u miss me to. i am a star in kazachstan. i shoot many dog for my village and so we have many party and daning. we are good dancer. i keep u rich and pregnant. we have bountiful children from my loins. trusst me, i luv u.
-sammy boyahstalkabitch

ps. when it is raining, i am thinking of you. when it is sun is shining, i am thinking of you. when it is clouds, i am thinking of you. when i shoot the dog, i am thinking of you. when i am sexy intercourse with my wife, i am thinking of you. when i am on newes tv show, i am thinking of you. when my wife, she beat me, i am thinking of you. wehn my sister is prostitute, i am thinking of you when i give her money for food and hope she is not spend on heroine.

@bee said...

FUCKING ROUND ASS!! YOU BITCH, I ALMOST LAUGH MY SHIT OUT NOW..LOL..DAMNIT! thank's baby, I also thinking of you when I shitting =)