Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lizard's Sashimi

My Lovely Pet.. Lizard I name him " Shan Shan" he is easy to get along with.. never bad mood.. always smile especially on cam.

He Love To Eating, Chatting, Show Off On Cam..Guys love to see his lovely plastic face though.. shan shan knda cute!!

His Favorite Food Is "Sashimi" he is easy abput food and easy to take care..

" Yummy..........Yummyy... my sis couldn't afford the real one so she bought me this plastic lizard ( my ideal pet is anything about reptil)even a plastic pet everybody love shan shan anyway..


x0r said...

ok... that's it. i'm eating sashimi tomorrow. that's all there is too it.

x0r said...

"everybody love shan shan anyway.."

-time continues to test this hypothesis 8\

@bee said...

His name supposed "shannon" but Shan Shan sound more cute!!
Sashimi with Omega3!!