Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I had my nose piercing this evening!!

YOw Saaa..... I do my nose a piercing this evening after work.. Just Now!!
Does it painful?? I respond never will be painful for me!!

just run your eyes down there on my picture I take on November 2004,,
I have 5 pierce on left ear

and 8 piercing on the right ear

I remembered the first ear piercing I admit is my mom the one done for me,
I was 4 years old and she had needle tuck on my ear and I didn't cry even my ear was bleeding like hell, still she repeatdly ask me if I want her to stop but I was like" NOOOO... please keep it going, I want that lovely ear ring hang on my pretty ear.. Please!! and I was like "once you done the first shot, I am ver concern about my pretty, I can take th pain and endure the shit, once you starting and sone the first time you gonna to make the second and so on and on...just like when I lost my virginity to my son's dad.. the next minutes he done, the nezt minute I can't wait him to get into my pants again..


x0r said...

hmm... i've never seen your ears. usually your hair is covering them usually. i accidentally set my hair on fire yesterday, speaking of hair. my hair has never been this long and i wasn't realy thinking about that possibly happening and i was looking down when i lit my cigarette... uh... and a few hairs. it was scary. i just grabbed my hair above the fire and kinda put it out that way. it was scary... and then it was very stinky... and then i felt really really dumb. i haven't taken my hat off since then. it is a good fuzzy tan cap tho and it makes me sleepy when i wear it, so somehow it all works out?...
so yeah... hair.
it hides all your beautiful earrings; your long wavy hair is very beautiful. you have options.
i will never be having any piercings; i am phobic of needles. but yet, i will be getting my entire upper right side (shoulder, arm, back, chest) tatoo'd when i get the money and redo the design. i already had it designed once but i let my crazy X check it/them out (i had others designed for my whole right arm) and now they are gone. it really sucks.
um... i like your piercings 8) well done.

Mr. Charming said...

Nice Bee, it matches one I have. :-)

@bee said...

Shannon, I feel so terribly sorry about you hair LOL,as mine quite long and I used to such a paranoid if someone help me to lit my cigarette I was like " looks like my hair beauty enough to make them crazy with envy and pretended nicely just want to set my hair on fire or everytime I'll have my hair tied up whenever I have to turn on the stove, even all I cook is only hard boiled eggs ;p and your stories is a warn that I have to staying paranoid and keep eye on all the thing that probably will burn my hair..thank's for sharing, I know it hard for you to get over it, Man, I do really heart you!!
nose piercing ain't pain.. I felt nothing, even I got it accidentally jerk off several times and was bleeding kinda bad but no pain at all.. you should give yourself a try..as I plans to do lower lip piercing sooner :D and make my own signature and blood type tatto on my butt and wrist................

@bee said...

Ooh..Charming, you ain't had your nose pierced and as I remembered yours was on somewhere else on your body part!...;p