Saturday, May 27, 2006

Should You Keep in Touch with Exes or Cut Ties?

Dan: Yes, I say cut the ties, rip off the Band-Aid, feel the pain and move on. Don't call, email, Google-stalk, go out on any "platonic" lunches or plan any insane foursome dates with your ex and your respective rebound lovers to prove how "over it" and mature you all are. If you must get back in touch with your ex at some point, give yourself a good, oh, 10 years. !!!

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The song “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” hit the top of the charts for a reason: Everyone can relate. Whether we’re angry, sad or in denial after a breakup, we all deal with our emotions differently. And that’s why it’s so important to have the right remedies handy. Some might suggest throwing moderation to the wind -- with pints of ice cream, tequila shots, retail therapy -- while others are more practical (yoga, anyone?). What's proven to be your aftermath antidote? Share your best breakup cures here -- and get a few new ideas too.


x0r said...

LOL! even when you hate someone, you still loved them at some point. i think that's where the problem lies. love doesn't ever just disappear; love lurks and lingers. you have to realize that, i guess, that feelings can't be helped... you're going to feel whatever happens to float thru your mind/heart. I realized a long time ago that what works for me is believing you can't help /that/ you feel, you can only help what you do with what you feel. You can choose how you think about what you feel. and from how you think, you can choose what action to take.
... with X's, best to let what /has passed/ be THE past. people don't really ever change, i don't believe. what you are, has always been there... some things in life (seeing, feeling, reading, thinking, doing) just bring these things out, push others back, bring others up to the front. The reconnecting of X's is usually just one or both parties trying to see who has changed and how... which is, in my experience, a falsehood.

@bee said...

Ccckk..speaking about experience is keep in touch with Exes, just like have a huge black cock fuck in the ass, fucking hurt like my shit gonna out with blood and tear brust in my eye ;p
actualy I never had my ass fucked up because my ass a little bit too skinny and kind of yellow besides it such a waste when I have a tight VAGINA why still want to get fuck in the ass??
BUT.. there is one EX that I am glad I did keep in touch with :D, just like both parties have to be " FUCKING HONEST " mean, no break up drama and no break up sex drama and grateful both of us was really fucking nuts with all the respect!! I had no idea for the rest of +39 Exes ;p