Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am blessed as a woman complete with my precious clit and tits!!!

Gosh..after reading this Cameroon women suffering on breast ironing and genital mutilation..Darn!! I realise how blessed I was and how much I love my clit!! I love myself very much!! especially my womanhood, I feel such blessed by having this amazing device called " clit" I swear to God that I'd take a very good care of it!! I was like " Gosh.. my very attractive body feature, like I love my cat very much.. like I'll love to give it a smooth clean- shaved!! I do it quite carefully most when I wasn't in hurry and sober enough to playing my razor.. althought I've several cuts accident, recalls just last week/ back to few months ago/ I'll go with my razor and shave foam while my head buzz and tipsy after few Vodka shoot, I begun lost my brain, when too much alcohol and urge to shaving all the hair on my body* except my long curly hair and cute eyelashes* and as I remembered I nearly ruins my own clit!! almost close to cut the chunk of it off from my cat!! but I am still lucky.. I am lucky enough that I didn't lost it!!!

well reading this sending a strong warns... please take a good care of your precious clit, never shave your cat, when you're in hurry / sleepy/ jittery after coffe/ drunk/ hangover othwerwise you probably only will end up by self " clit" mutilation!!!
I am blessed as a woman complete with my precious clit!!! and Tits!!!!
I am lucky my parents wasn't a muslim/ African! otherwise I probably will have my clit removed..
even worse is my genital will be removed too,
My lord.. I have no dare to picture more!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Mr. Charming said...

Precious clit indeed.

@bee said...

lol..needless to say!!