Thursday, August 24, 2006

my GP just read me a report that I am clean from, diabetes, STD and shit mean I am definitely a healthy heterosexual single!!!

Yay...somebody just commpliment me as a cocky and funny person!!
that's a commpliment isn't it??!!
well.. I've been told that I am funny and furious!! my simple yet complicated, I can be a goddamn idiot sometime and I have to admit that I am absolutely a mad, I think the true is I have a very very sensitive brain pattern!!
I've been thinking too much about life,relligion, sex, dinosaurus,karma,ufo and God.
I got so many issue that tangled in my sensitive brain, I think a lot about disease especially sexual transmition disease.

for example..I just recovery from 3 weeks flu, fever, throat infection..cough!!
after seriously consultation and medicine session now I am completely recovery,
I am strong enough run into wild and kill, strong enough to kill at least a tiger or crocodile!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

as I told that the most get my attention is STD's!! I had ask my GP do me a specific medical test, I do my whole body check up.
I know.. this is sound ugly by the way it doesn't mean I have infected anyway..
I swear I don't even have or feel any symptom..
the reminder hit my brain it was 2 months a go when my ex co-worker passed out due to cervic cancer and lung cancer too..
she have no chance to fight her own life.. she have no idea how and why but have to understand that she had a cancer..and she'd been hospitaled one month before all her body system shut down and die..
she was 30 something.. her life was as normal as a normal human, no night life/no smoke/ no drink/ no free sex.. she maybe still a virgin.
she have no pretty face/ not to mention she live her unfair life, she was born with harelip even she had a operation done quite well but people do make a fun the way she can't pronounce properly!! sound sad huh?? you bet those buttlicker will give a damn regret towards the shitty days that they had out her down??!! No idea but she only have God to blame..if she believe!!!

I always proud of my kindness.. I make a good workship with her with all respect!! well, don't give a damn when others make a fun of her, I go with my respect..she is gone, I am glad that I didn't make anything misery during the year I working with her!!
I have my inner beauty as pretty as my pretty face, I value people affectionately!!

however I was a real fucking rude badass since I was a kid so I won't get bullied or let bullied and I will not going to bully either!! but don't challenge my tolerance as I used to said do ever spoiled my stuff.. I'll going to kick your sorry ass!!
so Winnie gone do an warns alarm.. set my brain a reminder!!!
do myself a serious medical check up..

my glad is that my GP just read me a report that I am clean from, diabetes, STD and shit mean I am definitely a healthy heterosexual single!!!
Well.. I've been single for a moment.. thought I might going to staying single for the rest of my life!!
I don't mean to sound bitter, be honest I don't really enjoy being single, I kinda sick of being lonely in the bed, be honest to tell, I wish I was in relationship moment when it come about " me so horny lonely situation" but somehow I just grateful being a single I have my freedom flirting, dating some other cute guy!!
There's a loads of fun being a single but live a celibate single life can be soo much pain in the ass too... as I mention STD's issue was always drove my brain crazy!! and condoms matter also tickle into my nerve too.
Then the unreasonable price of those corny rubber make me mad with my money...

I know my blog sound scary...stupid.. sad..vulgar.. whatsoever I just trying to explain what the fuck I am doing by posting a blog like mad here!!!

first reason...I love blogging!! I am mad about telling gossip stuff and shit!!
sometime you migh find my stories here a bit over expose, unbelieveable, full of shit but real .. trust me, I am blogging the true!!
in my real life I even have my special ability to talk my costumer's ear to off which they ends up to send their cargo and stuff through my company, they even buy me lunch sometime.
did I mention because I am starting enjoy my job pressure.. I was like fall in love in it!!
as in my friendship I was sooo talkactive, sometime folks just want to slap me till mute..most because I speak too loud Vwords!! Too much V words indeed !!

my bad is I get soo excited.. overexcited typing like mad here!!
I do enjoy annoying people by saying a wicked critics, although not many poeple willing or want to listen the " WICKED TRUE WISDOM " but funny is most of the time friends more likely to look and listening to my wisdom shit and thoughts when they run into the " nasty problem" they need my franky tongue A.K.A" fast foward attitude" to tell them the reality, I was like " Bitch, you got to realize how nasty the truth!!"
Every single day.. every minute
Ohhh... God,
I got a tons of shit in my head.. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
blogging was the great way to talk what ever I feel right to talk...without afraid to bug the shit out of somebody's ass!!


Mr. Charming said...

Glad you are healthy Bee! I got my annual checkup last month too. Just nice to know you are healthy. :-)

@bee said...

* wink *