Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Too bad..my stories are true at 28th July 2006

Sooo.. monday and weekend already gone, God, how I hate my weekend and gladed that I still alive and breathe pretty well. Thank's God!! You've saved my live last week!!

Recalls back it was a very " unfortunately charm " ruined my lovely days !!!
My bad luck aura was starting on friday night, it was a bunches of girl friends are planning to play the hell out of us in that " Tribeca club". I know this is sound a little bit too scary to believe in but it was real, all we want to do about! IS GET OURSELVES AS CRAZY AS WE CAN.....GIRLS GO WILD... GO CRAZY!!!
So count me in with Susan, Anita, Annie, Pauline, Amy, Mandy, Shirley are so wanted to have something like goes a little bit crazy, feels a little bit wild..actually we are about got ourselves in a totally insane mode indeed, we name it FUN !! come along with us is a " not really very shy guy" our best hang out male mate, let's call him Edwin!!
So there's nine of us are so ready to hit the club off, well actually we get a bit over excited thought. we decided Tribeca because that club offering something great to
deal with..

First action is drink the bar dry
Girls only got to paid HKD $120 and those cute bartender will fill up your stomach with all the standard booze!! all you can drink all night long....Yum! Yum!!
I go straight anything that fill up with Vodka..!! my favorite are vodka cranberries, vodka orange..
Gooodddd...........got drunk straightly and healthy, plently of juicy! a briliant drinker isn't it??!!

Secondly is dance our legs cramp/ shake our butt off!!!

The rest time is HUMPING.. hump anything that catch in your eyes!! I swear, we'd hump anything that interested our " a little bit drunk brain"... we'd hump stuffs like, couch/ table/pole/ bar.. pole..pole and pole!!
Yeaaah.. I'd dry hump a pole in front of me while sipping my drink and smoke my ciggarette!! all night long!! soo where the hell those guys gone??!! I mean those who is about 26-40 years old, quite mature guys!!!
there's a tons of cute boys and girls!! well, like 500 of them!
yeah.. like 500 of them are about just get out from high school.. ready to college!! and not more than 5 guys and 10 girls in my " hump age"
by the way.. me and girls still have ability to pull those 5 guys stay steady chat/dance/drink and hump on our couch...all night long!! they're just stick with us..
You know why?? there's no more choice for them to go!! No one will put them in a risk situation.. no want to put themeselve in jail/court!! there's absolutely no FUN
for an adult to have drink/dance/chat/hump with those 16 years old..dont even to think have sex with them...
soo... does is the badness I am about on my weekend??!!!! Naaah...
not had a chance hump the hell out of those cute butt wasn't a bad idea for me..
well.. I have my value over the butt that I will have interesting to hump with..
well.. if you want to know how bad my friday humping night was.. just check my butt!!

ever wonder how I get them bruised and swollen like this???
I've falling over the floor and my ass straightly bump into the pole that I've humping with.. while I'd spill my drink all over to those on the dance floor
and broke the glass in the tinny bits!!
as I remembered there's two young guys help me standing up and asking me:
" are you okay?"
I respond directly" Noo.. I am not okay..!" then get my friends help me to massage my butt.. while some" horny eye" stare at my G- string.. I don't care and mind their stare..!! all I care is my butt was terriblly hurts!! I screaming out those hurtfull scream eventually.. but not many people notice though.. since Mr. Dj has rubbing and spin his dick very loud...!!! no one notice.. !!
have my butt seriuosly injury not the most baddest moment.. just the second my butt feeling a bit bettter.. I've my long cute lovely curly hair caught in fire.. while I am lean too close to those candle light.
I was like " Okay Fine..!! only a little bit.. but it does smell quite nasty and attract that" fucking tall" bouncer come around with his nose in the air.. He smell it and give me a funny questioning face at me...
well.. I told him that was my hair.. and he give me and " OOhh poor baby " stare and like he's quite sympathy and look like a caring person. so I was like " Ohh thank's, that's so nice/friendly of you.. and showing him " I am fine and have fun grinned face with my funny eye" just to know that he can't even wait to get back at his colleagues and bitching about my hair.. and giggles like son of the bitch ever!!
my butt sore, my hair sore, my ego sore than ever.. I go and blown off those candle light.. I done my job with just one breathe blow.. at least 15 of them, BITCH!!!!
does my bad luck ending yet??? NOOO.... it hasn't stop thought, it was 4am when I get on bus ride to home. I wasn't drunk at all, even I did fall myself nearly to death but I can tell that I am not drunk at all beside it's only my third vodka shot so I assured myself that I am not, well girls believe me anyway besides there's no puke..and once again I WASN'T DRUNK!!! you know why I can't let myself drunk??
Okay.. maybe I am drunk.. but just a little bit drunk, I only will let myself drunk slightly.. since there's no one will pick me at bus stop and help me home. the reason is the only person that used to do this " carrying a drunk puker" is not at home, he was happily on 3 weeks vacation with his lovely GF!! and both of them are already tell me off about" alcohol and drunk" and I have no one to responsible my
craziness/ drunkness only myself..
well.. I did take their words and keep my promise.. " only not too drunk and get home safety " don't forget my keys, don't passed out on the gate door///// well I did drag myself get on bus safety and quite happy even my butt sore like FUCK!!!
but my bad still bothering me.. when suddenly it's raining like heck!! did I mention it's raining like heck??!!!
it is definitely... RAINING LIKE HECK!!!! when I am struggling with my butt, boobs and stuffs.. while booze buzzing my dizzy head like going to explode!!!! and I have no umbrella with me..!!!
You know what????? that quite handsome driver hand me an umbrella..
I was like to refuse.. since that umbrella was just new.. in a glam red! but he insist me to take it.. I was like will happily to take him to home if he is not on duty..
I was like to give him a goodbye kiss but I didn't, not even sober enough to ask his number...
all I can and did only nodding" mean thank you soo much you've saved my live tonight" not even have my voice said " thank you properly""
I get home and passed out on my bed!!
the next day.. saturday afternoon..!!
I awake enough to have my sober brain back! God... I had my cute butt injuries quite bad though.
I took this picture on this early tuesday morning when I reach my hand down there.. down to my butt and it's feel like not sooo swelling now"
ever wonder what it look like the day after I screwed it bump into the pole????!!!
I'd take it a picture.. but I was too shame to showing them here!!!

my idea when I went out was about these excite plans:
1. get wasted
2. get hammerred!!
3. get raped..

and my sunday was suck ever, stuck at work place.. burried with thousand hundreds errand waiting me to done, packing up with crowded, like 200 of them . in this " chaos and crowded situation it's damn hard to give my " swelled sore butt " a standard protection.. even I'd put my hand covering it to prevent bump into customer's but the more I try to protect my butt the more hurts it get!!
like some of those girl, who is a just stupid and ugly, has lost their brain, sense..act completely like a idiot by purposely spank my butt.. they thought it must be funny, kind of friendly greeting and got the stupid idea " wanna hear me screaming" I never will friendly stupid people...
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I swear there's noway for me to hold my tongue to humilating them back as I hish " Hey, aren't you lost your brain?" there's no use to be friendly/ nice over those" stupid girl"
..........Female morons!!!

and the badder experienced is " my company account go strange/weird" look like someone got a few hundred from my cash drawer..!! and its has never lock since the first day me and my boss run this business.. it has no key so there's no heck to lovk it..
even thought my boss trust in my personalities, but this is was really knock me down.. it upset the hell of me!!
it's such annoyed me so I had no sleep last night, maybe I did sleep but not more than 2 hours.. I swear to fucking god that I'll fuck the shit out of her ass if I ever meet that fucking bitch again...!!!
You know what??? we had the CCTV monitor and recording during the days and nights.. 24 hours nonstop..!!!
I used to hate the idea that my boss instal that quite annoying camera all over the office.. but now I appreciate the hell of that idea!!! shittt....


Mr. Charming said...

Oh Bee, you really need to be more careful. :-* is for your butt.

@bee said...

Ouchhh..Charming how much I miss you, Hun ;p.. wondering when my butt have chance taking care by you ;p
yeah.. I got to be more carefull to prevent it bump into something else...my not very sexy bruised butt!! Poor me

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