Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh Julie..

I love every of her moves!!!!
I love every of her touches!!!

Julie is a woman, a nice woman that I've fallen in love with.. like I've been told that I am easy fall in love!! if you nice, brainy and good hearted person.. I am definitely going to be fall for you.
Julie is forthy something Filipino lady, she had her charms.. and lovely smile always. you got to respect her in someway and she always knows about all the chores and stuffs.

Remembered the first time I met.. I had her hugged and kissed on cheek!! both of her cheeck and she was like " OMG.. she hugged me !! look at me.
I know what that mean... " with all my respect lady!" that is what I told her..
I've to met her in the person in my place because I need her help doing household chores, it was nearly one year I used to talk to her by phone.
to help my ex-friend checking out the schedulle and stuff and Julie always killed me, by the way she speak and act.. I am kind of " gosh.. this lady sound a little bit like a snob " the way she take my words was.. a little bit over confidence. the heck is she really run the task very well.. and perhaps she also get her paid well too.
Recalls to how I get to know this woman. it's about August 2005 and was one of my former colleague introduce her to me because at that time one of my ex- friend was such in trouble looking for a trustworthy helper to help him running the errands, iron and another household chores!! and look like all of his helper are me the one help him to select and interview.. mean the trustworthy judgement is on my behalf..expect Julie!! I had a feeling that she should be a trustworthy arrogant.. ughhh.. bitch :)p

I had no chance to meet her in the person.. like I got some reason to not going to doing the interview in person.
I think because everybody too busy about running their own business and stuffs.. so do I and it just amazing that I had a feeling that she can be a trustworthy person and must be amazingly nice too.. I judge by her voice over the telephone line.
and she really is!!! I swears she really have that charming smile, charming work attitude and heck..her personalities was immpressed me much..

That is what I've told my sister and her hubby Ben.. and it prove that everyone at home had miss her like heck, it was back to when Julie no longer come over to give a help.
we deciced to give another girl a try.. but the feeling and the result was far from Julie's standard
Gosh.. we do really need her willingness to come over and help... that's why I appreciate her so much when I phoned her and ask if she would love to come over.. and she gave me that arrogant respond like she had shruge her shoulder and shake her head a bit before said" Okay.. sure, would love too.. !!" when you talked to her over the phone she alwasy respond like this. well..that is her attitude and Gee.. I am kinda of like thought.
I actually screaming with joy and happines when she promise to come over on the phone!! I was overly worried that she will not going to help me anymore.. thank's God that she still love me :))

not only me.. it was My sister Muri and her hubby Ben are so excited that our place will have the shinning days again and especially Ben.. he will be able to have his outfit ironing in the great smooth great shape again..
so everbody goes happy..
Julie came on every Friday just same with the old schedulle and before I'll try to arrange once a month to be at hoome when she is around but since I had changed my working schedule now I had no chance to talk and tell gossip to my favorite's upset me.
it's really upset me when she told my sister that she miss me....
Oh dear... if you know that I also thinking a lots about you..and if you know if folks here at home was about adoring the way you run your task..
I don't know what Ben thinking when he get ready to work with all the smooth shirt and trourser.. but me was always humming the happier humm.. especially when I drag myself in the bathroom and seeing all my stuffs are clean and neat in the correct place was trully killed me again...
Julie... I miss you!!!
I miss telling gossip with you.. laugh on someone new girfriend off was really a big fun thought..
Damn.. don't you think this is such a bitchy behaviour ???!!!
But... rememembered what the heck of the new girlfriend called you the other day when you trying to keep in touch?? " Oucchh.. so you are the maid huh??"
where is the charming ladies gone theseday?? was I jealous???!!!
well.. I have to admits it
I really jealous... I really am!! but it is a past now.. jealous gone..!!
I know what left here.. I know that Julie give her vote on me.. Yay!! :))
I never know what I feel for her until she is gone.. and having Julie back absolutely a bless!! just like a word" you will not miss the water until its gone" that is what I feel about.. Julie!!

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