Thursday, October 05, 2006

Open Letter To God Of Bali Island..

Holy cow, you look sooo damn cool Djing and stuff :D
I love Bali.. I am really love Bali, I really am, gosh ever wondering how I envy you??I've been in Bali last july.. what a life over there but surfing in Dreamland nearly put my ass to death, phwweeeww..!!
I love Bali because folks over there are always amazingly nice and friendly.. look like you living well over there, doing school, shotting and Djing must be hell of fun ;) actually I am planning to be in Bali last month but my friends such a bitch, they are back off and leave me upsetting like heck!! I am fucking hate them.. but only at that moment!!I might have my ass get in Bali again next summer!
I am working like a dog here.. work, work, work and work.there's no fun unless paydays ;)
I know the writting here a little bit too long but I hope that ain't scare you off!!
hit me back..

God these days does going to school and stuff,
God also knowing DJing as well pick up a shotgun and shot some dickhead to death..

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