Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It Has Been Long time...

Long time... no see la!
Been extremely busy lately..busily at work, busily dating.. busily shopping, busily clubbing!!
Has been exhausted exploring sooo many funny stuff and silly things..
Like there are a lots stories to tell and share.. but at this moment I am too lazy to type!! besides laziness.. I feel boreness about blogging! seemed like there's no one give a damn care about what the hell going on with me and how the heck I've keeping my ass!!

It sad.. comparing to I used to got a huge attention. folks does give a damn reading my stuff..
after all maybe people got the same boreness reading my blog! probably because my blog these day didn't sound as active as funny as wild as before !!! you know, those stuff that drove people thinking and wondering excitedly..
I've to admits the writting I had done here somehow was in a terrible way.. sometimes people feel good reading my stories.. and the other time the stories just gave enough space for them to build a wild fantasies.. and they feel bad afterwards.. but doesn't the old line says" a little bit badness good for you?" and according to my Exes said..ME SOO BAD BUT IN A GOOD WAY AND THEIR BOLLOCKS DOESN'T GET ANY HURTS EITHER!!
but these day I don't feel right to bitching out what HOT, what NEWS , how WILD I've live my wildlife up..
I got bore, people got bore!!
because the topic was bore like hell so no one drop me comment.. the worse is because there's no one care to drop me comment so I feel boring about blogging.. hence I don't feel much exciting write my stories here..I went to super bored when typing here and there!!
I might sound like a super lazy blogger, but on the other side my social life was no bore moment anyway.. and no lazy at all!! such crowded..!! and mad!!

Actually there's a tons of stuff I want to share here.. but look back at the topic now it wasn't a simple casual topic.. it's really.. really.. wild stuff!!
after thought.. posting kind of issue here wasn't a wise idea though..
Look like it's a time to starting the annoumous blog somewhere else!!
be frankly I really don't have any casual stuff to blog here.. however here are some beauty that I had done last night and today!!

Last Night, have my hair dye in a flash golden brown..
Job well.. done!! @ home

Today, I had my nails painting in this kind of RED!!
My fingers and toes goes well with this Evil Red!!
Taken November, 21st 2006 morning @Bee's room.

Wondering what the next hair colour I should apply on or what colour I should paint on my nails..
Taken November, 21st 2006 Afternoon @ Bee's work!!

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