Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. ~
Warren Buffet
Famous Investor (and 2nd wealthiest person in the World)

Recently, I've had several people with whom I had spent years building friendships and/or relationships, destroy the relationship in mere minutes with their words or actions. It is very sad, and it compels me to write a little reminder.My personal experience has usually been with girls although Im sure it works both ways.
It is very discouraging to spend years bonding with someone (as a friend or more) and then watch as they suddenly get in a crappy mood and/or feel an urge to tell you to fuck off or whatever thus destroying everything in minutes.

It make me feel like not wasting my time with personal relationships better to keep most people at arms length and focus my time on family and business. At least with business if it is destroyed it will be because of MY OWN bad decision, not somebody elses.

I believe that one of the signs that a person has grown and is no longer a child anymore is that they realize that one cannot unsay the things they say, and one cannot undo the things they do.
Sorry is just a word and it cannot bring back things and people once they are gone.
That is why as we get older, we should hopefully learn to be more careful in the things we doAnd in fact, its not just friendships that are prone to slow building / fast destruction. Its EVERYTHING!It is a BASIC LAW OF THE UNIVERSE that things are very slow and difficult to build, and very fast and easy to destroy.

Think about it:
Careers (poor Mel Gibson)

Even an actual lifeAll of these things Everything that could ever be important, is like this. HARD TO BUILD, EASY TO DESTROY.
Believe it. Understand it. Act on it.

So to any of you smart-asses, usually under the age of 26, who think the world revolves around you, and that you know it all, and can say and do whatever you want to whoever you feel like, whenever you get a hair up your ass (you should know who you are).
Be prepared to keep loosing everything you ever had until you grow the hell up.

To ex-friends and ex-girlfriends ( boyfriends) who carelessly destroyed it .
Apologies accepted. Here's wishing you good luck in your lives.

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