Thursday, December 21, 2006

so negative in my evil brain

Thought I've been horrible behaviour thinking about all the negative side towards someone behaviour theseday..

my negative thinking put me down witht he feeling being ignore/ unwanted/ unloveable.. those evil thought drove me nearly insane, madly with jealous..arrrghhhh!!
I almost said something that I absolutely going to be the matter of fact it wasn't like what I've imagine about..soo evil minded!! and I hate for being insecure like this.
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I just discovery the truth, just yesterday during way to the hospital, the truth of all the stressed that he have to get through of have to manage sooo many thing at the same time, many bad things have to deal. so many bad news have to listen, soo many work have to done but not enough time to do so..
no wonder how stressful the life it is.. and the worse is I had no idea about the true is and I was like to drop more pressure each passign day..when he had work so hard and no rest all the day.. I felt terrible. even though my situation and condition are accpecable to let me acting even worse than sassy like this but still I can't help...
however I thank's to myself that I didn't makes the thing worse..
Today I've grow mature and learn patiently..
Knowing there's need to be understanding and respects other's thoughts and needs is the way to go strong together.
Knowing trusting and forgiving is a must in order to built the wise - mature- human relationship..
After all..just hoping everybody grow stronger so everything will be fine soon..


Mr. Charming said...

I still love you so very very much!

@bee said...

I know, love you too!!
Please forgive me for being such sassy!!