Friday, January 12, 2007

Did you turn your last girlfriend into a lesbian, or do you just wish you did?

Well, that's a loaded question. Firstly, you'd be operating under the assumption that you had the power to do something that, well, someone is already born with. Awfully egotistical (or as I like to call it egotesticle.) Secondly, you have to realize that if she were to go lesbian after you, you wouldn't be able to partake. You realize that, right? Not even a peek.
Although, about 98% of the time after a bad break-up the thought enters a woman's mind, "I never want to see another man again, could I play for the other team?" Much like when a woman loses her job and thinks to herself, "I could always become an hooker, you know, just till I find another job." Both thoughts are fleeting but there nonetheless.

Now, I'm no man-hater by any means. But these days if one were to come within 15 feet of me I may be inclined to cause bodily harm, at the very least a drink in the face.
Then the other day, perhaps sensing my dislike in the male species, the nice folks at Showtime sent me Season 4 of

The L Word to watch. I've never seen this show before since I don't have a subscription to Showtime. But I was ready to get into all the girl-on-girl drama, having been through a bit too much of the boy-on-girl drama lately.
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Mr. Charming said...

I am glad I am thousands of miles away. I'd hate you to throw your drink on me.

Luv U B

@bee said...

Awwhh..what I did is only give a cold glance to the guys that trying to rub my ass!!

Love you too!!