Monday, January 15, 2007

Everything suck..Grammar suck..Trafic Suck.. My head fuckin sucks

South horizons bus stop.. me, waiting bus No.592 way to my office in Causeway bay.
Bus arrive on the time, just stop right on my nose, Me happily get on the bus, I was like.." Wooohhhoo..I'll be reach in the office right before good, I love Monday!!"
I keep singing the " I love monday " in my head that I didn't give a damn care about the bus fare.. it should be HKD 4.70 but I have to paid HKD 5.60 today.
I was like " Awwhh... the bus company raise the fare again!! goddamned shark!!"
but I took no emotional anyway.. I am totally relaxing, perhaps because knowing that I could take my time..

I am started had a silly feeling, like there's something wrong about the bus and the fare.. link to the new route, but I make an excuse to calm down my nerve.
I even don't give a damn thought about the route a little bit weird, it wasn't the usually route as shouldn't pass Pok Fu Lam Road.
" was this is the reason of raised the bus fare, because they changed the route, this make sense, so from now I have to head out more early, damnit"

then my brain go blank again, I think no evil, see no evil, day dreaming.
Me act totally weird, not the usualy smart- quick wit me.
but today.. my brain is dead, it took me like in forever to realised what was going on. I got soo weird and all of suddenly I shook my head and staring's all strange place and road..I was like " Heck!! what's the hell..
I starting doubt that I get on the right bus.

But I make another postive thinking behaviour ensure me that this bus definitely going to be in causeway bay before 9am. like usually..
but today soo unusually.. everything abnormal, the fares abnormal, the folks in the bus abnormal, the route abnormal.. specially my brain is fuckin abnormal today.
but I went quiet and silent anyway..I was like " should I ask? but if I ask, wouldn't I will sound like a dumbass.. what if I get on the wrong bus.
I supposed to speak out but I went silent anyway..
after couple of minute, I can't keep my so called dumb-cool..positive thinking behaviour.
I dare to ask the driver eventually, I just sat right behind the driver, so I only have to popping out my head to talk to him.
I think he will be just nice to respond me as I questioning in a nice-lovely manner anyway." Excuse me, Sir! Is this bus No. 592 going to be in Causeway bay?" But alas.. he's actually an ass, absolutely a son of a bitch!!
He not even bother to say a word, not even care to look at me in the eye, he just give me that spooky cold glance over his shoulder.. Lord, that's glance got me all frozen..
His manner really put me off.. I went silent on my seat. and keep mumbling all the shit " how come? wasn't I take on 592 for sure?"how come 592 destination no longer Causeway bay?
while the girl who is sit next to me, trying to cheers me up

Girl: "I don;t know what number is this bus, but this is heading to Central, not causeway bay.
Me: " so do you know what number is this bus?

Girl: " I don't know, but this is not 592!"
Me: " but.. I am sure that I get on 592, I just don't understand how come come it's not 592 come this happen to me.
I see the 592 stop right front of me..
Girl: "You can get off next stop, then get MTR to Causeway bay..
Me: " Ohh Thank's, You are so sweet!!"

8:58 am
got off from that spooky bus, I nearly broke my neck when I turn my head in a weird angle just to found out the bus number is 90B, the destination is Central.

I supposed to be somewhere in causeway bay, I freak out knowing that I nowhere in causeway bay but actually somewhere close to Central.
that's hell far away from my office..
like causeway bay in west and Central in east.

I was totally mad.. I ignored the girl's advice about get on MTR, I stop a taxi
instead.. I was like " I am fuckin in hurry.. taxi should do me get in the office as soon as possible" But fucking shit.. That was fucking trafic jammed in the ass!!
Wasting money and time.. shit!!
Then spilling a cup of hot coffee on my skirt... Fucking idiot dumbass clerk.. I went all stupid in the morning then I working like a madmen.. after all!!
I like my new job very much as I respect my boss tooo, I hate being late and stupid..
but good for me I pick up my task fast and neat, I signed 3 new client and talk a bunch of them off till their ears off to get the service from my company and ditch other company for good!!
Look like my new boss appreciate my ability and I respect her very much too, but getting all late no longer my working manner now.. La La la la...

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