Monday, January 22, 2007

Friday Night 6pm Company Dinner, 12am LKF@ Club 9

4am.. Tsui Wah LKF, Tossed Wunton noddle and Hot Pear Tea
5am... Started Coughing like a DOG, Bitchy throat Sore!!
Rrggeerrr...!!! Gggrreerrrrr..Fuck!! Fuck!! I think I started barking like a fierce Dog!! Ggrererrrrrr!!! Fuck!! Ggggeeerrrrrreerer!!!! Fuck, fuck!!
My nose running like heck.. my eye can't stop tearing!!
My ass!! My ass getting alll HOT!!.. especially my asshole!!
It's sooo uncomfortable.. holy fucking ass!!
I can't wait to slip my middle finger in my asshole..
I wanted to know... how hot my body temperature was..

Man, I got fucking fever..burning my ass!!
God, The temperature is fucking HOT!!
I am fuckin sick!! influenza and shits!! even my kitty cat got all fucking the whole of my body go mad agaisnt me!!

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I think I am going to die.. I really think I will.. or at least my sister think I was, I was slept like dead for 2 days, started Saturday morning until Sunday Morning!! then off to work by early 7am Sunday morning and get off to home by 6pm jump straigh into bed and sleep until 7am Monday morning..the medicines put me sleep like totaly dead and that drove my sister go all mad, she thought needs to checking my breathe and heart pulse in every half an hour!!
both of us went though hell..
I hardly can remembered what I did and said from Saturday to Monday..
I've done tons of mistake at work on Sunday.. I am the idiot, the stupidiest bitch at work :'( I feel like a loser..
I've been sick like bitch!! but I got to work anyway..
You know why?? I am such crazy in love.. with my current job!!
and saturday noon I supposed to be in the Lantau Island do the hiking from Mui Wo to DC then dinner somewhere in DC :'(
but I have to call in cancelled..
*sigh... sigh..sigh... sigh... sigh... *
and seemed like someone got all mad about this
*sigh... sigh..sigh... sigh... sigh... *
will he still going to take me out for bar opening party this coming saturday evening.. *sigh... sigh..sigh... sigh... sigh... *
Man!!!I've been sick like bitch!!
and I've spent my coming weekend allowance all for medicines and shits.. snorted..snorted..I am fucking broke now.. lunch time gotta boogie..more!!

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