Thursday, March 29, 2007

I was in the bar, having nice real fruit punch and had an awesome chat with the awesome manager... =))

Ask me how was me day ?? " it was wonderful.. No kidding, Seriously!! "

Ask me once again .. why so wonderful?? " I got a fuckin rich guy from dubai dinner with me, in the restaurant of hotel, I order one glass fruit punch and grilled blu cod fish with.. greeens !! "
Rich, young.. handsome guy!! own many company, house and hotel in Dubai..
very big deal though..

So I am sound like " gold digger " now?? Maybe yes , maybe not!!

But this is weird, by 7:50pm he's going to married me and give me his obe of his house in the happy valley for me as wedding gift and I just met him at 7:45pm.
he was like " Oh dear.. you're super gorgeous, my mom will be shock if she see you.. and I tell her that I am gonna marry you!!!

I couldn't think, my brain blank, what I did is only nodded like an idiot " That would be fun!! "

He was seriously looking deep into my eyes:" I am serious baby!!" I am handsome, young and rich and the immportant thing is all I want is YOU!!
I want to start my life with you.... what you want?? I have a 7 carat Diamond for you left in the office...

Me nodded like an moron: " Whoooaaa... that's must be expensive stuff!!"

and he want me to be in his office tomorrow after work to sign the paper, he going to ask his lawyer to change the properties as my name.. and he don't want to hear me dicline this gift...
Me seriously got nothing to say now....I give full attention chewing my food, downing my fruit punch..
what can I say.. really... I running out of words.. !!!
as he keep assure me that " I am lucky woman that he choose to be with me..
I think " I am fucking lucky woman.. aren't I??
and he entertained me very well... me totally curious.. what the fuck will happen tomorrow.. or soon...!!!
I love to play games..... I want to know the ending!! those violent games like " Resident evils" got me all excited..!!!

I was like " oh really.. oh my god" while he bragging all about his money.. during the dinner, so ur going to marry him or what??? that's fuckin crazy if I do that. you will not wanting to marry a woman just the minutes you saw her.. all right? because.. I got all funny and can't stop laughing.. I laugh at this innoncent guy. innocent???? is he sounds like an idiot ?? or me the one is the idiot one!!

The dinner finish eventually.. and it was the time to leave the nice/comfort seat eventually... and it was the funny thing...

before I and him get to his lawyer about the house and properties.. before he hand over the 7 carats diamond to me... that he wanted to bed me first in the very cheap guest house in the jordan!! Bingoo.......... that's what I think!!
he tried to drag me in the cheap guest house...and begging only hug/cuddle.. for the god's sake of it.. that sex before marriage is not his style!!!
He wanted only hug and cuddling before we allowing to have the real fuck ( he only will give his fuckin cock.. slide in my wet pussy later after the wedding )

and I said to myself.. fuck off!!! this guy either to give me a hot fuck right now.. or get the fuck out from my sigh!! if you know what I mean..I don't dating a lame cock..

I told him.. cheap guest house turn me off!!!
then he tried to drag me to the 5 star hotel..
I told him.. .. I am a virgin.. LOL!!!! I mean virgin my ass... )
he was like... Blank!!!

Man..I am not that rich, but I still have my intellegent and I am kind of intellectual person if you want to know the truth...and a lame cock can't win an intelectual cunt that as sneaky like me... ...!!!
I wave and say " I'll call you tonight!!!
I left the rich, young, handsome man on the street I wave and Irepeatdly saying that I'll call you tonight!!!(I bet, he's gonna goggling like a mad over his mobile tonight, )

afterwards I went my way to TST, I drop to my best male friend's bar and share.. the full stories.. wonderful.. is that I visit this best friend in his bar for an surprise...
it was all the wonderful I mean..I was in the bar, crowded with folks, having a nice real fruit punch and had an awesome chat with the awesome manager... =))
Folks here are so ready for the Rugby seven things..

I think I had done a great job tonight, I proud of myself that my girlfriend will not have to be in trouble.. actually the dubai guy, met one of my friend last sunday for an job interview but he has turn out to talk the same craps about marriage so she ask me to check this guy out!!!
and he ask her to marry him as ASAP.. and we ( the girls ) only have one week to consider about whether we interesting or not.. and he is going to give me a house in happy valley as a wedding gift " Ohh well.. what is fuck is that??"
But He is about to give me a house.. No , kidding,, A HOUSE FOR ME, HE IS NO FUCKIN KIDDING ME..THOUGH
I couldn't stop giggling like an idiot and whispering to his ear: " Uhhmm... I don't know what to say.. I only feel like an super idiot.., the lucky one!!

this is like I went to a show... , I take a part of it...I play excitedly,,.. and go home happily..
Arrgghhhh.......but you maybe don't get me again.. so never mind now!!

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