Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shit happend to me .. bird's shits!

This Afternoon.... I was on the way to meeting my friend for Saturday noon Indonesian's lazy lunch in the Causeway bay. Warung Malang do the tasty indonesian food in a very reasonable price!! A.K.A SUPER CHEAP!!!
I am not all expensive all the times.. I goes really cheap most of the time..
as long as it does me GOOD.. I don't mind, being cheap!!
Me only a small potato with a small ass... me have to work that small ass pretty hard.. so I can't spending on all expensive stuffs!! and as long as the stuff does me GOOD.. I don't be bother any, seriously!!

It wasn't too long I got off from bus and get in the HSBC bank withdraw my salaries. Me, hell excited, can't wait buying stuff to rewards my hard working ass!!!!
Me really happy..
Me really happy... I drew two thousand, slip in my shocking pink wallet!! My Happiness it's all in it..

Gosh.. I running late, I took a deep breathe then running a cros the opposite road. My girls are waiting in the restaurant..
I was cool, when I feel something drop off on my head..a gift from above.. Think Air conditioner water.. it's dripping everwhere.. on SUMMER!! Yeeahhh.. Summer!! summer!! water dripping everywhere!!

I mumbling non-sense " HK really suck, even the weather not hot yet.. the A/C always turning on and dripping like hell!!" while caressing my hairs..something warm sticky on my hairs,
and seemed like it drop on my jacket and skirt also.
I terrifiedly lower my sigh.. and my eyes goggling at SHIT!!! Bird's shit!!!!!
The rest story is I've called to the girls that I running really late... Fuckin late indeed!!
then off to salon to wash my hair..and trying to get the fuckin bird's shit off from my skirt and jacket..
God, I wipe like a mad that my jakect nearly torn in small pieces..
I told the boy to wash my hair very clean.. because a bird shit on me!!
he and his co-worker feel sorry for me, but the way I told the whole story drive us mad..which we end up laughing like idiots ...
still I gave him a sun shine smile.. and do a tips =)
my hair look fabulous afterwards... lunch still getting well after all.

back at home.. I worried if I'll get the nasty bird flu.. A.K.A Avian flu!! HN51 viruses... Damned!!!

there's a lot of AFF members I haven't give their cook a try yet!! what a waste if I die this soon...

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