Friday, June 08, 2007

Are you sexually mad??!!!

especially after couple of drinks thing gotta really honestly after all.
Like I would pick up 3 guys got every holes stuffed, if I could then I would.
I know this is greedy.. but I told the truth.
Last night I went out with girls and one of my guy friend..
I was drunk after few glass of cosmopolitan and magic..
Life is hard as a single, horny and drunk sound bitter but I will survive anyway..

Gemini,You're never hotter than when those mental wheels are turning at top speed -- smart just looks undeniably sexy, especially on you. Test out your latest, greatest ideas and musings on some new, great people.

new great people sound amazing, must cause lots of surprise!!
but these days I am not up to any kind of surprise.. like I rather stick with an old stuff that I already knew it could work me a spark, Like I'd trying my luck last night in DB ughhh I got no answer!!*sigh!!
no doubt it was 3am in the morning *sigh!!

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