Friday, June 01, 2007

Opps I did it again, I shaving my cat, got slip in the hands..

IT'S NOT MY HAIRY NOSE..I don't shave my's hairy sometime but never bother me enough to shave it every bidaily...
IT'S MY HAIRY FUCKIN CAT!!! it was hairy like normal girl couldn't have their clit find if they have a normal size of clits... but you still can find mine anyway.. as I own a pretty huge clit and it somehow wasn't a good sign.. as I happened nearly cut my clit off while in hurry shaving my cat!!! this is happened several times. I don't know if one day I can't help if I have to say BYe bye to my huge button... magic button!!!

Last night when taking shower.. " Oh baby.. baby...let's having shave, you bloody hairy stuff !!"
I should to know to stop myself.. as my hands shaking badly when I started with shaving foam...
I should to know.. there's a bad signal..
I should to know that I was hungry and should have dinner first before jump in to the bathroom..

but it was too late when blood couldn't stop dripping of my pubic..
it scared me die...
Ouucchhh.. I think I am in trouble... that I nearly bleeding almost die!!!

I am no kidding..........last time I nearly cut a chuck of my clit off!! this time I almost cut off the whole pubic area.. that was horrible!!

it's bleeding badly.. that I even have my mom help me to pressing my cat to stop it bleeding!!!

I have to thank God........... that I still alive..

I want to thank God ............that I didn't cut my cat dead... she still kicking alive though..
I want to thank God............. that I didn't cutt my butthole off, it might a small cuts there but no bleeding like shit though...

this lesson tell me:


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