Sunday, August 05, 2007

I think I missed my mom..

Mom leaving today... can't believe that I've shared bed with her for already 3 months, Can't believe that I've putting on weight.. I am going to running my fat ass off again.. and again. it will be start on Monday!! Mean not much time leave for me to hang out in another place expect GYM..GYM.. and that motherfucking GYM... beside exercise, I'll have to eat a lots of fucking greens!!!!
I already feel lost..

Back at home, there's another issue, my younger sister got all sweat in the ass by hand over her own new born.. !!! Can't believe that I got such almighty power ( just very sometimes ) that I can smooth down my almost 3 months little niece, Abigail who is taking care by my mom since she born in the world... baby girl stresed out like a little evil, like she has been crying forever, like she's going to cry her baby's eyes out..
Everybody at home got stressed out like heck, the situation seemed even worse seem like there's a a need to hiring a nany...for Abigail baby!! no one had enough sleep since my mom leave................. coz baby girl scream the heck out... * sigh!!!

I freaking missed my mom... I can't believe this is happen to me as I used to think that I am old enough to feel this childish thing... aaahhhh Kau meng aaaahhhhh.................... I can't fucking wait to see what kind of nanny, Ben going to bring home with... hallelujahaa.. God bless us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a good sleep.. seriously!! Ben and my sister need a good sleep too!!! even my little boy, Steve decided come over to help his aunt out.. like entertaining Abigail when she pissed off.. and assist my sister look after Abigail, Like handing all the stuff she need.. Boy said" hallelujaahhh.... !!!

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